30 day blog challenge

Day Four

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The next instalment of the thirty day challenge is:

Characters you hate and which books they’re from.

I arrogantly assumed that this one would be easy because there are immediately two characters that I can name straight off that really, really grit my bits, but then I  realised, even characters that I wouldn’t want to actually ever meet are still amazing characters because of how well they are written. I don’t hate Lord Voldemort, although, I wouldn’t want to ever bump into him, I don’t hate Umbridge or Lucius Malfoy. And even characters like Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood/Morgernstern/Whatever the hell is surname is these days that annoy the hell out of me don’t make me hate them. So, actually this one was really difficult. I’ll go ahead and list the ones straight off though:

Ana Steele/Grey (Fifty Shades trilogy – E L James)
Ya’ll saw this one coming right?
Oh, Ana, if you had a face I would punch it. Seriously, Ana Steele is the most irritating character I have ever come across. When we first meet her, she’s about to graduate university and yet SHE DOESN’T OWN HER OWN COMPUTER. What is up with that?! She is a Lit student that only reads classics, she lives with a girl that she constantly moans about and then subsequently agrees to move in with after graduation, and she’s so damn stupid! Like, how on earth did you manage to pass that degree Ana? You KNOW NOTHING. Reading Fifty Shades was incredibly painful, not just because of the truly terrible writing but because Ana was just the most blah character ever, she had absolutely nothing likeable about her, she was so flat and that’s not even covering the level of stupidity.

Bella Swan (Twilight saga – Stephanie Meyer)
I actually didn’t mind Twilight, it is what it is, easy to read trashy vampire fiction. Did it deserve the level of success it got? No. Does it worry me the amount of young girls that want to be like Bella Swan? Yes. Bella easily sets feminism back about twenty years and if there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s women that bow down to a patriarchal society and make everything about having a man in their lives. Also right, she’s so damn miserable ABOUT EVERYTHING. Like, Bella, Girl, you have some serious first world problems going on that you need to deal with.

Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights – Charlotte Bronte)
You’re just a bit of a twat really aren’t you, Heath?
So, like you’re adopted into a family where your adoptive brother hates you and you and your adoptive sister fall in love but because she’s just as shallow and moronic as you, she decides to marry someone else because you have no place in society and so the two of you continue to Love/Hate each other and everything falls apart and everyone dies. You deserved your misery Heathcliffe because you were so horrible to your son, your adoptive nephew and your adoptive niece.

Which brings me nicely onto

Catherine Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights – Charlotte Bronte)
See all the above reasons for hating Heathcliffe. They’re pretty much the same reasons as I hate Cathy.

You got two posts today, aren’t ya’ll lucky?! (end sarcasm.)

2 thoughts on “Day Four”

  1. Interesting that you hate Anastasia Steele and Bella because 50 Shades was originally a twilight fanfiction where ‘Anastasia’ was Bella. But I’m completely with you on the whiny, pathetic, 2D characters. If anything, I commend E.L. James for writing such an accurately spineless Bella – who can’t function without a man, despite how awful he is. Ergh. Rant over.

    1. I stumbled across fifty shades back when it was Master of the universe or whatever it was called. It’s made me very wary of fanfiction! I have massive problems with both Ana and Bella, and I agree with your rant completely!

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