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Penguin English Library.

Not another book haul, Leah? Surely not! It was only a week or so ago that you did one!
But alas, yes, I have bought more books, but in my defence they are incredibly pretty!


Last year, Penguin started rereleasing loads of classics with new cover designs, these editions are known as the Penguin English Library editions, I literally discovered this a few days ago when watching this video:

Until then I had no idea that this was a thing, but they looked so pretty and the description of the feel of the covers intrigued me, so I searched high and low and eventually came across them on Amazon (I know, boo, hiss, but you know, it is handy.) so I bought a few. I ended up with The War of the Worlds and the Time Machine by H G Wells and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. 20130326-201537.jpg

I’ve been meaning to read H G Wells for ages and although I have a copy of a Tale of Two Cities on my kindle because it’s free, I find that sometimes it’s easier to read older books in actual paper back form because you can flip back and re read bits much easier than you can using a kindle.

The covers are incredibly beautiful and they feel really lovely and soft, I’m probably going to stroke them more than I actually read them, I kind of want the whole set now just because of how lovely they look. Although, I have to be honest, the orange Penguin branding does look a bit odd with some of the colour schemes, as you can see with a more conclusive set below:

penguinenglish library

See what I mean?
20130404-174936.jpgThey don’t look half as good on my shelf, but still, pretty book covers! Yay! Although, when I’ll actually get around to reading these I have no idea. I really do what to get into H G Wells as soon as possible, I feel like he’s the sort of author I would really enjoy, it’s just finding the time! Although the Time Machine is fairly thin looking so it might be done! But I’ll certainly enjoy looking at them and touching them which I suppose is the main thing!


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