30 day blog challenge

Day Six

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I’ve been looking forward to day six of this challenge ever since I first posted the lost of briefs for each blog. It’s a shame really that I decided to do this in April because I’m only three months and six days into the year and there are probably a lot of very awesome books I have yet to read this year. But I shall stop rambling and tell you what I’m talking about:

     The best book you’ve read in the last year

I know it says in the last year…. So I guess that could also encompass all of 2012 but that would give me far too many books to think about and the only one I would talk about would be The Fault in our Stars because it genuinely was my favourite of all the books I read last year, but I think I’ve talked about that enough on this blog so I am narrowing it down by talking about the best book I have read so far this year and that leaves me with two titles;

The Reader – Bernhard Schlink and The Book of Blood and Shadow – Robin Wasserman.

Both of those were incredible and the titles above will link you to reviews that I did of both of those books. The reason I picked those of all of the others is because they tantalised the history nerd inside me, they made me think, they thrilled me and moved me in a way that other books haven’t this year. The Book of Blood and Shadow had ancient cults, a mysterious book, years of consipiracy theories and an intercontinental race to stop a supposedly Godly apocolypse. If Indiana Jones was in book form, it would be this book. And then The Reader, beautifully written story about a young German boy and his relationship with an older woman who he then discovers was a guard at Auschwitz and committed gross crimes against humanity during the Nazi regime. It’s really quite exquisitely executed and it really made me question my morals and whether evil action is circumstantial sometimes.

They’re both a bit awesome so get them on your to read lists!


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