30 day blog challenge

Day Seven

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This one I wasn’t looking forward to as much as yesterdays. I mean, I was in the sense that it was an easy enough post to make, but I wasn’t because I hate giving bad reviews which is what this post requires me to do. Day Seven on the blog challenge is this:

The worst book you’ve read in the last year.

Like yesterday, I am taking the last year bit and changing it to mean this year, because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair considering that’s what I did in the last post. I’ve read a couple of duff books in the past few months. I won’t name them, that’s a bit mean, but I’m sure if you go back through those lists of everything that I read in a month with the little mini round ups of the book in you’ll find a couple hiding away. Out of all of the books that I didn’t enjoy so far this year,  I think the worst one has to be The Alchemyst – Michael Scott. 

I’d been wanting to read this forever. I was staring quite longingly at it in Dublin airport when I was awaiting my flight home from Chicago. (I had to go via Dublin, it’s a long story) Eventually, I managed to pick it up for 50p at the Book Barn, which as it’s name suggests is a giant barn full of used books that we have here in Somerset – if you’re ever in the county and you’re in the Bristol sort of area you should really stop off there because it’s sort of epic – so it wasn’t like I paid a spectacular price for it or anything but I was just insanely disappointed. I have always been intrigued by the conspiracy about Nicholas Flamel, I have long been interested in whether or not Alchemy was successful in creating the philosophers stone and turning any metal into gold and I was hoping that this book would be a fun romp starring Nicholas Flamel getting into some hijinx and the like. Instead it was depressingly predictable and dull as anything. I have read more exciting phone directories than I have this book. I won’t be reading the rest of the series and I seriously regret the space it takes up on my shelf and the fifty pence that I could have spent on something else. Sorry Michael Scott.

Tomorrows post will hopefully be a bit more positive.


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