30 day blog challenge

Day Ten

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Ten days in and I’m starting to get used to this posting every day thing! Maybe I should do this more often. Or maybe I should keep thoughts like that to myself…

Here are are though, day ten:

Name five absolutely great film adaptations of books.

Now we’re back to the tricky posts. I kind of love films. I used to work in a dvd library and so I watch a lot of films, there is a surprising lack of imagination in Hollywood and pretty much every film you see on the shelves today is based on something else, and most of those films can not even stand up beside the original books, but sometimes you get pleasantly surprised, so here are five film adaptations that are actually a bit good. Where possible I’ve stuck the director of the film in as well as the original books author, but as you’ll see when we get to Mean Girls, I put the films writer in instead, mostly because I can’t not write Mean Girls without adding Tina Fey’s name.

Submarine (book by Joe Dunthorne, film by Richard Ayoade)
I hated the book of Submarine. I found the main character to be completely irritating, he’s so whiny and self obsessed, but despite of this, I wanted to watch the film, mostly due to Richard Ayoade’s general brilliance. The film version of Submarine is great, it’s funny and endearing and film!Oliver is actually relatable. Also, the soundtrack is amazing.

The Princess Bride (book by William Golding, film by Rob Reiner)
Princess Bride the film and Princess Bride the book are pretty much one and then same. If every film adaptation took a leaf out of the Princess Bride’s book they would be well loved.

Mean Girls (book by Rosalind Wiseman – under the title of Queen Bees and Wannabes – film by Tina Fey)
Mean Girls was a book. An actual book, technically a non fiction book but still, that counts as a book and I mean, who doesn’t love Mean Girls?!

The Lord of the Rings (book by J R R Tolkein, film by Peter Jackson)
I love the Lord of the Rings books and films equally, Peter Jackson took Tolkien’s world and made it more accessible to a wider audience and I loved it. The Hobbit, not so much but still…

Scott Pilgrim (book by Bryan Lee O’Malley, film by Edgar Wright)
I’m a huge fan of the way Scott Pilgrim was made, the books are genius, the film is genius. Just like, get them in your life.

Other honourable mentions would have been Matilda, The Wonder Boys, The Hunger Games, Bridget Jones Diary and Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not every film adaptation is awful, in fact some of them are even better than the books they originated from (see Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging for reference). Tomorrow we get to discuss the worst film adaptations I can think of. And trust me, I can think of a few.


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