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Day Thirteen

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It’s Saturday!
My copy of The Hobbit arrived a few days ago (the film version) and I haven’t had chance to sit down and watch it yet so guess what I’m doing after this?!

So, day thirteen is:

Your favourite book from childhood

I read a lot as a child. Like, a stupid amount of books. But, I do remember three books really distinctly from my childhood that are all vying for the title of favourite book. So, I’m going to go ahead and talk about them all. I even still own a few of them! Here’s a lovely illustration of just how many books from my childhood are still on my shelf collecting dust:


And here is the shortlist… You’ll be able to spot some of them in that pile.

Gobbolino The Witches Cat – Ursula Williams
This was apparently my mum’s favourite book as a child too! I have a copy on my book shelf that I haven’t read for YEARS but it is there, I absolutely adored it as a child, though I don’t remember much about it. I just kind of get a warm nostalgic feeling whenever I spy it on the shelf.

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats – T S Elliot
My copy is falling apart. I used to proper love this book of cat poems, I think partly because it became the musical cats and also because I well love cats. As you probably guessed by the fact that I was also reading about witches cats as a child.

Ursula Bear – Sheila Lavell
I remember that I was constantly checking this out of the library, it’s about a girl called Ursula who can turn into a bear and the various scrapes that she got herself in whilst in bear form. I read this so much I could recite it from memory at one point. I kind of want to buy them all so I can read them to my niece when she’s a bit older…

So, those are my childhood favourites, other honourable mentions would go to The Hobbit and The Worst Witch Series and of course, HP.


2 thoughts on “Day Thirteen”

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, but I immediately want to go out and get them for my nephew. Love it especially the one with cats in the title.

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