30 day blog challenge

Day Fourteen

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It’s my dad’s birthday! It’s a two post day! (I know, I know, there’s no post on Sundays) I came up with an idea for a new feature that I’ll be sharing with you today! But, for this one:

A book you regret not having read sooner

I tend to be a bit behind with books that people think are great. I discover things a bit too late sometimes. Since joining Tumblr I find that I’m forever finding books that I’d never heard of before that have their own fandoms so there were loads of things I could have chosen for this like The Book Thief which I only managed to read for the first time last summer even though it’s incredible, or Wonder which I picked up a few months ago, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower which I found being discussed on the internet and thought I ought to track down. But, the one I am going to go with is The Bell Jar  by Sylvia Plath.

I’d been meaning to read it for the longest time, I had just never gotten around to it, and then I saw it in the library one day and decided, yes, finally, I will take you today. I don’t even know how to describe the Bell Jar really, it was just incredible and I found that I related to Esther a scary amount. It literally did articulate everything that I was feeling at the time that I read it and I think had I read it before, I would have been able to learn from it and deal with my problems before they got me into the state that I was in.

The Bell Jar is an incredibly raw and brave novel. I only wish that Sylvia Plath could have written more and above all, I hope that she found peace.

2 thoughts on “Day Fourteen”

  1. That’s spooky, I was half-heartedly looking for a copy of The Bell Jar the other day because it’s one I feel like I need to read but I wasn’t sure if it was really worth it. I’ll have to look harder next time!

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