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Great Bookish Bake Off – Birthday Cup Cakes

bookishbakeoffThe cakes I bake and the books I read whilst baking them.

Whilst writing Day 12 of my thirty day blog challenge, I realised something, I do a lot of my reading when I’m waiting for cakes to bake – because hey, there is nothing better than a good book and a slice of cake, and so, a new blog feature was born, today it’s my dad’s birthday, so I made him birthday cupcakes and read a book whilst doing it!

Things you will need:
20130413-184214.jpgMeasuring equipment and something to mix it all in. I’m super lazy and use a blender. I’ve noticed that cakes turn out to be much lighter when done this way so it’s kind of my go to method.
150g self raising flour
150g sugar
150g butter
2 eggs
I usually make my own icing, but I’ve run out of icing sugar and they didn’t have any under two pounds in the shop, so got myself a pot of ready made easy squirt vanilla flavoured butter cream which were on offer. I used up a whole can on just ten cakes, so three went without… But that’s ok! I also used a handful of green sugar sprinkles. You will also need a book of your choice. I used the time to start Chaplin and Company which is an ARC I’ve had sitting on my kindle for a little while now.

20130413-184228.jpgI’m sure you all know how to make cake mix. These weren’t done any differently. Dry ingredients first and then wet ones. I’m told you’re supposed to fold each thing in as you add it, but I tend to measure it all out stick it in the blender and turn it on. It takes much less time and the result is just as good. Once I’d blended for three minutes, I spooned the mixture as evenly as possible into cake cases and put them in the oven at 180 degrees for thirty minutes. Which gave me plenty of time to eat left over cake mix and get started on my book.

I don’t want to give too much away of the first fifty pages or so of Chaplin and Company,  I don’t know if I feel enough either way to have an opinion yet, so we’ll have to wait until the first one hundred pages are done with. So far all I can really say is that the narration is a little simplistic, I don’t know if I like this or not yet, or whether I’ll find it a good technique come the end. I was ever so slightly disappointed when the buzzer sounded alerting me to finished cakes, but that was mostly because I was in the middle of a sentence.
With the cakes out of the oven, I gave them half an hour to cool and then got started on the decoration. The easy squirt icing came with four nozzles for different effects, I chose the one that had the most interesting pattern. Either I am insanely bad at icing cakes or it wasn’t as easy as advertised, I did get some piping bag type things for Christmas but the only cakes I’ve made with them didn’t exactly look pretty either. I think I need to practise piping. Anyway, just as the bottle ran out I was starting to get the hang of it, like I said, it only managed about ten cakes, but I suppose, someone who knows a bit more about what they’re doing and how to actually ice cakes could make it last a little longer. Once they were iced I sprinkled some sugar sticks on the top and voila! Birthday cupcakes!


I am slightly disappointed by how badly decorated they are, but they taste great and they gave me thirty minutes of extra reading time which was ace so good!


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