30 day blog challenge

Day Sixteen

30 day challenge header

A book you haven’t read and have no intention of ever reading.

This was a hard one. There are so many thousands of books that I’m not sure that I even know all of their titles, and well, you can never be entirely sure whether or not you like a book until you’ve read it. I read fifty shades just so that I could have an opinion on it, I kind of hate people that have opinions on things they know nothing about which is why this one was so hard for me. But, I can’t not post an answer, that would be a forfeit and I’m not sure how I can get around that so I’m going to go ahead and chose Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

The reasons for this being, that apart from the synopsis sounding dreadfully pretentious, a couple of people who I respect greatly have dismissed it as a load of old tripe. Plus, from what I’ve read of it, it’s an attack of sorts on socialism, being a bit of an ardent socialist I take this to be a bit of a slur. So, I chose Atlas Shrugged.


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