30 day blog challenge

Day Eighteen

30 day challenge header

Day eighteen! Not long left to go!
Today’s post is this:

A book that you think is highly overrated.

There are two series that immediately spring to mind. I’m going to go ahead and pick one of them, a book that I think is highly overrated is Twilight – Stephanie Meyer. I’m saying that as someone who read and liked Twilight, for what it is, trashy vampire fiction. There is no way it should be rated as highly as it is, it’s not exactly well written, the story isn’t anything new and the characterisation is appalling. And yet, everyone (well, the vast majority of people) seem to love it. So there we go, Twilight is overrated. Now let’s sit back and watch me get trashed by the Twihards. Tomorrow I get to talk about underrated books, which excites me.


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