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Day Nineteen

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This one was a harder one than yesterday, I love so many books that I don’t think many other people have heard of, but at the same time, whether those books are underrated or just hidden gems is kind of hard to decipher. Todays post is:

A book that you think is woefully underrated

Not just underrated then, it has to be WOEFULLY so. I’ve pontificated on this most of the day and the one that I keep coming back to is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I remember getting it from this book club magazine thing from the chicken house (for some reason I think that’s what it was), this magazine would turn up through the door and you could order books from it at a slightly cheaper price, I chose this because the cover had a massive apple on the front and I was a bit intrigued, it doesn’t have a lot to do with apples, but it is in fact one of the first dystopian books I ever read and it is amazing. Basically, it does what the Matched trilogy tried to do but a million times better. I don’t know if The Giver is woefully underrated, it’s goodreads page would beg to differ, but I have yet to find someone else who’s read it, so I think among people I know it is underrated.


1 thought on “Day Nineteen”

  1. That’s crazy I was going to choose the same book! I remember thinking it was an incredible story, I even wrote my only story that was heavily based on it and they do say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’ve never talked to anyone else who’s read it though.

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