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Day Twenty One

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This post is probably going to cause a bit of controversy…

The most disturbing book you’ve ever read

I’m going to just put this out there: Less than Zero – Brett Easton Ellis.
I kind of hate Brett Easton Ellis’s books. I’m sorry, I know that’s kind of sacrilegious and that everyone thinks he’s wonderful and edgy but his books are just down right disturbing. Less than Zero was the first book of his that I read, I read it after watching the film and I am so very glad that they changed a lot of it because I don’t think I could quite cope with seeing a group of eighteen year olds gang raping a twelve year old girl. Neither could I really deal with the idea of Clay’s pre teen sisters taking cocaine and everyone thinking that that’s normal and ok. Less than Zero is one of those films that I prefer to the original source, for various reasons, one of them being that the film portrays Julian’s decent into addiction as being a bad thing, that he’s gotten in way to deep and his friends want to help him, Clay wants to help him. The book just has Clay turning a blind eye to Julian’s incessant partying and drug taking, Clay also turns a blind eye to the fact that Rip is well into young girls.

I’m sure that there is a very serious message about the rich kids who live in LA and their lack of a moral compass but I just felt like it was a bit over board and pretentious and several scenes disturbed me greatly. I even read the sequel (Imperial Bedrooms) and that was just as bad.


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty One”

    1. Haha! Well, as long as I’m good for something! I’ve not read any of his other books, but I’ve seen some of the film adaptations and if they’re anything like this one I’m staying away!

  1. I don’t do disturbing if I can help it, so I’m impressed that you made it through the sequel! My last majorly disturbing read was Flowers in the Attic, I got conned into reading it by the shiny new reprint cover. urgh.

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