30 day blog challenge

Day Twenty Four

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I’m so glad that this one is so easy because I have a super busy evening ahead! As such, this will be short and sweet!

Your favourite series

Well, it’s a bit obvious but, Harry Potter – J K Rowling.
See, the thing is, the Harry Potter series were the first books that I got really excited about, they’re so rich and full of such amazing characters and moments that I couldn’t not say them. I have so many wonderful memories of getting up early to go and buy the latest one, of discussing theories with my friends, of how excited I was when I was right about the last horcrux…. There is no other series that I could mention that illicited such a response in my that Harry Potter did.

Although, honourable mentions to the Chronicles of Narnia, The Infernal Devices and also the Edge Chronicles because I love those too!


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