30 day blog challenge

Day Twenty Five

30 day challenge header

Only five days of this challenge, and indeed April left!

The nerdiest book you’ve ever read.

This was kind of a tough one… I’ve read a lot of books, and well… Some of them are quite nerdy but probably not in the way that they’re intended. High Fidelity for instance is fairly nerdy because the characters have such a nerd like love for music, Harry Potter is thought of as being nerdy because people seem to think that to be enthusiastic and passionate about things is nerdy and the people that read and love Harry Potter are both those things.

The book I will go with for this post though is Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley, it’s a graphic novel which was made into an amazing film last year, but it’s kind of nerdy… So, I love it and it’s awesome and if reading it makes me a nerd then I am very pleased about that!

Speaking of all things nerdy, I am off to see Iron Man three now so I don’t have much time to tell you about this awesome new project that I’ve joined, but click here if you want to know more about the Book Notes Project because it’s awesome and I can’t wait to start leaving people notes!


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