30 day blog challenge

Day Twenty Eight

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The first book you can remember reading on your own

There’s quite a funny story about this…. See, when I was younger, I was always in hospital, I was one of those Dickensian style sickly children, and my mum used to sit and read this book to me because it was my favourite, so I learnt it by heart and would then sit there and say the words aloud whilst flicking the pages so all the nurses thought I was super clever and that I was actually reading it when I’d actually only learnt when to flick the pages and what order the words went in.
Unfortunately, no one can remember the title of that book.
But I do remember reading Gobilino The Witches Cat a lot as a youngster, and The Worst Witch, and the Ursula the bear stories. But which of them I read first I can’t remember!

In other news!
My book is out soon!
excited jump

I’ve talked about this so many time that I imagine you’re all getting a bit bored of it and resemble Harry here:


Anyway, because I have a book coming out I’ve decided to do a couple of prequel stories for each of the characters and post them over at goodreads! Click here to read the first one about the main character, Harley!

And you know, while you’re there you might as well be my friend too because like… Goodreads is cool.


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