30 day blog challenge

Day Twenty Nine

30 day challenge headerThere’s only one day of this left!
sadblaineI’ve actually really enjoyed doing this blog challenge, it’s made me think about the sorts of things that I’m posting and getting me all inspired about what I’m writing and how to keep this blog going. So, basically, the fact that it’s ending makes me pull the exact face that Mr Blaine Anderson is pulling in that picture. Anyway, day twenty nine:

An author you wish was more well-known

Well…. The first person that springs to mind is me…

point to me

But…. You know, that’s a bit egotistical… Although if you would like to check out my books you can do here and here… Anyway…

An actual author that I think should be more well known is Karen McCombie. She’s written LOADS of books and I mean loads, I have at least two whole series by her. The most notable of which is the Ally’s World series which was my favourite thing ever when I was in secondary school, they’re so endearing and charming and funny and yet everyone else seemed more into Georgia Nicholson!


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