Vacation Book Tag!

I did a video!

This is the Vacation Book Tag, basically, you talk about your perfect holidays using literature!
The questions are:
1. Your destination/setting.: where do you want to go? Why?
2. Constant Companion: the literary character you’d want to take along with you. Why? This character doesn’t have to be from the book your setting is from, but they can be.
3. Disgruntled Copilot: The one character you WOULDN’T want to be stuck sitting next to on the plane. Why?
4. Tour Guide: one person from your chosen setting that you’d want to show you around.
5. Site to see: the one place you’d want to see first. Why?
6. Something to avoid: an aspect from the world or setting you would prefer not to be a part of.
7. Souvenir: one thing from your chosen destination that you’d want to take with you.
8. One time visit or go to vacation spot? Why?


2 thoughts on “Vacation Book Tag!”

  1. Hey, this was an awesome video, I laughed so much (in a good way that is, definitely a good way 🙂 ) I couldn’t believe it when you picked your top places as Middle-Earth, Oz and Hogwarts because I would have picked the exact same ones, and you’re so right, Bella would be exhausting if she was sitting next to you on a plane!

    Somehow I keep ending up back at your blog again and again, almost like fate, so I’m thinking I should follow it. 😉

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