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Book Notes 1!

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I recently joined a project called Book Notes, the idea is that notes with nice messages on get left inside of books, either from the library or ones that you intend to give away so that the next person to read it gets a lovely message to make their day with!

20130501-183808.jpgI thought this sounded like an AMAZING idea, there isn’t enough random moments of kindness in the world, so I’m all for giving people little bites of happiness when they go to the library or borrow a book from me. Unless of course they’re planning on bending the spine. In which case they don’t deserve my niceness! Anyway, you should all go tell Emma how awesome an idea this is because it’s her baby. As you all saw from my last book haul, I headed off to the library to get me some books! I’ve started off small and simple with only three books and have put a note in each book.

I kinda wish I had gotten involved with this during World Book Night, because I had loads of books to give away and it would have been a great opportunity to do something nice for people! I’m excited to see this develop though and I hope someone finds my notes and posts about it on the websiteAs well as leaving nice notes in books, the group of us posting stuff over at the book notes blog will be doing individual posts about social issues that could be to blame for people having low self esteem and generally resulting in them having a really shitty day. So, do go and check that out too.

20130501-183818.jpg This one is probably my favourite note… It’s one for all you musicians out there, my old music teacher wrote it in my year book when I left school and I’ve never had the opportunity to recreate it until now!

If you find one of the notes, click here to share it with everyone else!

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