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In My Mailbox 4

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Its book haul time! I don’t often get to take part in this feature.. In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren, join in and link up!

Actual Books.

I’m really into doing book notes at the moment, so I went and got another couple from the library and then I actually bought a few in the Fop sale!
So, library books first!
Attachments – Rainbow Rowell
I have wanted to read this forever! I have a sample on my kindle that I haven’t looked at yet, but I saw it at the library and it was so beautiful I couldn’t help but pick it up. Just beautiful, I can’t wait to read it!

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne
Everyone knows what this is about. I actually wrote a book review on this for someone’s homework even though I’ve never read it. I’m kind of excited to actually find out if that review was accurate though!

M is for Magic – Neil Gaiman
And books that I bought!
Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut.
I really enjoyed Slaughter House Five (even if I was almost eaten by a spider of Shelob proportions whilst reading it – a terrifying and true story) and I am constantly referring to my more inappropriate morning meals as being the breakfast of champions, so as it was only £2.50 I kind of had to buy it.

Animal Farm – George Orwell.
I think I read this in school as part of an English lesson but I can’t remember, I just quite liked the cover, my friend thought the pig on the front was really funny looking so I had to get it. It too was only £2.50

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Ray Bradbury
I really liked Fahrenheit 451 and I’ve had my eye on this one for ages. It references Macbeth in the title and sounds a little like the Night Circus which I kind of loved so I got this too!


4 thoughts on “In My Mailbox 4”

  1. Is Neil Gaiman really that good? I read the one with the rats in the Underground (Neverwhere I think?) which I loved but I HATED Stardust and American Gods was a bit…meh. Convince me!

    1. Well…. This is only the second Neil Gaiman I’ve ever picked up! He’s one of those authors that I like, mostly for geeky reasons, but who I have never really read that much of. I liked Coraline though I think it’s for much younger audience, so I need to read more to make a proper decision!

      1. Hmmm, having read Neverwhere I feel like I should give him another chance but Stardust was so disappointing. Especially compared to the film. I’ve seen the film of Coraline btu not read the book.

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