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I’d like to thank the academy…

So, like, there I was perusing some of my favourite blogs and reading about how they’d been nominated for some awards only to discover part way through their posts that they had also nominated me!! LIKE ZOMG! I never get nominated for anything so this is like super duper exciting! It’s so exciting here’s Benedict Cumberbatch jumping to fully illustrate how I am reacting:

excited jump

I never get nominated for anything. Seriously, Leonardo Di Caprio will win an Oscar before I get awarded anything! Like I never knew that me doing this:
ermergerdabout every book I’ve ever read would be that entertaining! So thanks guys! I’ve been nominated for the Shine On Award by Emma over at A Wordless Blogger (that’s the same Emma who has the awesome book notes project going on). and also for the very inspiring blogger award, for which I was nominated by Kathy over at Books on the tube. Which is also rather pretty to look at:

inspiring bloggershine-on-award

Because we live in a structured society to minimise chaos, there are some rules that go along with these nominations, both of them are very similar but here they are! You must do the following things:
1. Display the award logo.
2. Share seven facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
4. Tell those bloggers you’ve done so.

Well… I already did one.
Two – 1) I’m only 4’2
2) I’m weirdly ambidextrous, like, I write with my right hand but sign things with my left, and I eat the wrong way around and play drums left handed by the ukulele right handed.
3) I play the ukulele. And the drums. And the keyboard. And the bass. All very badly.
4) I don’t like chocolate but I like chocolate flavoured things.
5) I really want to be John Green when I grow up.
6) I used to live in London and I really want to go back.
7) I present two radio shows. Sometimes they’re actually good.

Three – Nominate fifteen other bloggers… I don’t know if I can think of fifteen people off the top of my head. Am I allowed to nominate people that nominated me? I don’t care – I do what I want.
i do what i want
I nominate the following:
Books on the Tube– Kathy is reading the BBC’s must read books list 100 ft underground. She did the 30 day challenge too and her answers were way better than mine!

A Wordless Blogger – Emma came up with Book Notes and she is amazing. So go and check her out.

Quinn’s Book Nook – I really love Quinn’s reviews of things, her posts are always really helpful, especially when you’re about to go book shopping!

The Librarian that never says shush – Tara’s blog makes me want to be a better blogger every time she updates. I’m super jealous of how good she is!

Alice in Readerland – Alice’s reviews are amazing, and she uses almost as many gifs as I do!

Blogs of a Bookaholic – I only discovered Becky’s blog today, but I already think I love it a bit.

Every Word Hand Written – Rosie makes me insanely jealous because she’s so brilliant at taking photos and her blog is so visually pleasing.

Oh man… There are too many awesome blogs, I can’t even think of any one else… I’ll probably end up adding to this list, but those guys are the ones that I read all the time!

Four – Tell those bloggers that you have done so… Erm guys… I’m gonna be blowing up your comments in a bizzle. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the academy…”

  1. Thanks for nominating me! Funnily enough, I was the one that nominated A Wordless Blogger and Books on the Tube and that’s how I found your blog again!! Isn’t it awesome how the book world goes round? Love it.

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