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The Rainbow Tag!

This is another tag I found on YouTube, only I’m not filming it this time, I’m just going to write about it! To check out the proper tag, have a look at this video to see how it should have been done!

Here we go the Rainbow Book Tag:



Ruby in the Smoke – Philip Pullman
The first of the Sally Lockhart books. I’m a big fan of Philip Pullman and being both a history nerd and lover of detective novels, this was the most perfect series ever. If you haven’t read this (or it’s sequels) then you need to get on that!
One Day – David Nicholls
This book will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll change your life.
The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugendis
This should be in the list of modern classics, it’s kind of beautiful, even with the slightly sombre subject matter. It was quite a good film too.
Girl, 15, charming but insane – Sue Limb
It’s in a similar vein to the Georgia Nicholson type books, Jess is an awkward but endearing teenager who just can’t do anything right and has the best friend and the fit boy to chose from, what can she do!? This is kind of perfect if you’re feeling a bit sad.
The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
I’ve talked about this far too much…
Erm… That’s my kindle case… Because it’s dark blue.
His name is Blaine. He has lots of book on him. I like him lots.
Spindles End – Robin McInnery
Modern day retelling of Sleeping Beauty, the cover is beautiful and so is the story, so you should definitely try and track down a copy if you’ve not read it.



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