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So, I know I update this blog like AAAAAAAALL the time, but I never actually manage to ever give life updates. Like, ever. So, here’s a brief and hopefully not too painful thing where I just tell you all what is going on.

1) I really want to just take a moment to thank everyone who’s nominated me for various blog awards, I really had no idea that so many people were reading and enjoying my posts and it makes my heart go weee. Like, super wee that you guys are reading and enjoying as much as I like your blogs! Its kind of awesome how many of the blogs that I really like are starting to read mine  so thank you, I love you!

2) My book, Harley’s Angels, is out super soon! I’ve been posting character prequel stories up on my goodreads blog. So far you can read about Harley and Danny, my two main characters up on that blog, which leads me onto…

3)The third prequel for Hal, another character in Harley’s Angels will premier on the Ether books app a whole week before it goes up on goodreads, so if you’re on Ether or want to give it a go, then check it out on there! I’ve also been publishing some stand alone, short stories over on Ether Books. I used to intern at Ether (they’re a digital publishing company) and now I write for them, I’m telling you this because I charted twice in their download chart the other week:20130517-135050.jpg

Also I really love the new beautiful mess app and like excuses to play with it.

So… Like, that’s my life at the moment! Hope you’re all well!!

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