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Book Haul!

It’s book haul time!
I’ve been majorly binging on books recently, so here they are! All the links go to goodreads pages for the books, so if they sound interesting, check them out!

Actual Books:
(I shouldn’t say actual books should I? All books are books!)


The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey
I keep seeing pictures of this book popping up on Tumblr and the premise sounds interesting and, well, it was two for £7 so I thought, why not! I’m looking forward to reading it, it sounds a bit like The Host mixed with War of the Worlds which is very exciting!

Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher.
Giovanna is married to Tom of Mcfly fame, I met her in a lift once when I was working at Closer Magazine and she was interning at Heat (the offices are next door to each other) and she seemed lovely, after following her on twitter for a bit I thought I ought to check her book out so I got it in the 2 for £7 offer. I’ve heard great things about it so fingers crossed it’s good!

E books.
Hero – Perry Moore.
I read a review of this on someones blog and the idea of a YA super hereos novel really appealed to me!

Why we broke up – Daniel Handler
Basically, Lemony Snickett… That’s not a secret is it? It is? OOOPS. I really wanted the paper back version of this but it’s so expensive and I can’t find it reasonably priced ANYWHERE so I got the e book. I hope it’s as good because the paperback has really awesome pictures in it which is partly why I wanted it to be honest!

Hemlock Grove – Brian McGreevy.
I marathoned the tv series the other day and it’s left me wanting more, I’m told the book is awful but I’m hoping it’ll answer some of my questions.

E books for review:
A really awesome mess – Trish Cook.
The description said it was a mix of Revolutionary Road, Juno and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist so it HAS to be good!

I am desperately searching for a copy of The End Games by T. Michael Martin for several reasons, one because it looks so pretty like omg, another because it’s been described as if John Green wrote a zombie novel and having read and enjoyed John’s zombie short I must have it. It’s sold out on book depository but if you guys know of anywhere that I can get it then PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I could get it from amazon.com I suppose… I don’t know if they ship to the UK though.


4 thoughts on “Book Haul!”

  1. Haha I’ve been doing this as well – I ran out of new books recently so I’ve been rereading The Hunger Games but a friend has my copy of Mockingjay – disaster! So I went to the Cancer Research shop at the weekend and got 4 books for under £5. Now I don’t know where to start!

    PS. I think Amazon.com will ship to the UK but will charge you a fortune for it. Have you tried the Waterstones marketplace? They had one I was after that was unavailable elsewhere. Or Ebay?

    1. I love raiding charity shops for books, sometimes I don’t believe how cheap everything is! I saw a proper old school penguin collection in one once but they didn’t have a card machine and I didn’t have the cash so i had to let it go!
      I didn’t think of Waterstones! I might give them a go before I plead with amazon… They have it listed at book depository but they don’t know when they’re getting new stock!
      How was Poland by the way? I’m waiting anxiously for a post all about it!

      1. Plus you get the feel good factor because your money goes to a good cause. What could be better?! That is a shame, I keep forgettign I might have to have cash btu luckily my local Oxfam is up to date and has a card machine but I have had to abandon a purchase a few times.
        They have a second hand kind of thing going on and the book I needed (to replace my Mum’s copy which I left on a train) which was listed as being £110(!!!) on Amazon was on there for £3 🙂
        Poland was great, I’ll get round to posting about it eventually!!

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