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The Song Title Challenge

So, the other day I was perusing Emma’s blog as you do and I came across this challenge that she’s taking part in called The Song Title Challenge. It’s easy right – basically, readers are invited to send her song titles and she has to write a short piece of fiction inspired by that title without listening to the song first.

Now, being a creative type who’s does writing now and again (I bang on about the fact that my book is out soon all the time) I want to take part in this too! I’ve been getting into writing short stories recently, thanks to the chaps over at ether books who publish them so I want to get in on this too.

So, send me song titles and I’ll write a story! I’m going to change the challenge slightly because I work at a radio station so I know a lot of songs and I don’t want to not do anything that gets suggested to me! So, pretty much, any song title you like I will write something for!

Boring disclaimer type thing: of course if I write stuff you can’t like reproduce it without my permission, but feel free to link to it and stuff….


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