leah's stupid life

Excited flailing.

Guys, Guys, GUYS.

I have been doing this most of the day: excited jump

ZOMG. So, let me tell you all a thing.
Firstly, I got given business cards today from my day job which makes me feel all professional and grown up because oh my god, look at me, I have a bit of card with my name and job title on now I demand your respect and awe. Or you know something like that. That’s pretty exciting, I was unemployed for a really long time and self employed for a really long time and now I have a business card! And right, as if having business cards wasn’t good enough, I had falafel for lunch today. Oh yeah. I know right.

The other thing that is making me jump like Sherlock on a murder case is the fact that today has been a good post day. Aside from the fact that Wreck it Ralph and my new satchel were waiting for me when I got home, so were these!

My authors copies of my book are here! It’s so smooth and shiny and it’s got my mother flipping name on it. I WROTE A BOOK AND IT’S SAT ON MY BOOKSHELF.
Seriously though,  I don’t really know how to process this information, I keep looking at them and being like is this real life? Is this just fantasy? How is it possible that something this cool has just arrived at my door like a satchel for goodness sake. It’s a BOOK. IT’S A BOOK WITH MY NAME ON IT.

Now, unfortunately, some boring tax thing hasn’t gone through yet so it’s not available for purchase just yet, but it is coming soon, it’s an actual thing that actually exists. It’s in my house and at some point soon it might be in other people’s too. THAT’S AN ACTUAL THING THAT COULD HAPPEN.

Also, right, another thing that made life really exciting today is this:

1013672_10152928722995486_853317466_n It’s appearing on all these lists on goodreads! That’s very awesome! Please keep adding it and voting for it and listing it and soon I’ll have one up as a give away and you can buy it and hopefully say nice things about it and stuff.

I’m off to go and flail on another corner of the internet now. BYE!


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