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Book Haul! (Yes, another one)

I had to do this in video form because, well… You’ll find out in the video. Unfortunately, my video editing programme has died and won’t let me edit it… So, this is a bit rough! But you know. Books.

The books mentioned in this haul are (all links go to goodreads and or amazon):

To review:
Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always
I got the name wrong… Ooops. The cover is very pretty so you should probably have a look even if you’re not planning to read it!
A series of unfortunate events
Thursdays in the park

Actual books:
Harley’s Angels
Shades of Grey
A little piece of ground <v/a>
Under the never sky
through the never night
Dark Heroine
The marriage plot
Rules for hearts

The future of us
The handmaid’s tale

I mentioned book notes which you can find out more about here

And, my review of Empress of the world


3 thoughts on “Book Haul! (Yes, another one)”

  1. Your video’s always make me laugh so much, they’re awesome. 🙂 The book you read the wrong way is kind of an intriguing idea, I think I would keep getting confused, lol!

    1. Well, I aim to be mildly entertaining at least once a day so I’m glad the rare videos that i do make you laugh!! I’ve not gotten around to reading it yet, I’m not sure how I’m going to get on with it but we shall see! The print is tiny too, I’m going to need bigger glasses!

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