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Things what I read (June)

Here’s my monthly run down of all the books I’ve read this month!

mess1A Really Awesome Mess – Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin. You have no idea how many times I typed a beautiful mess before I realised that that is not this books title. This was an arc from netgalley that a review of will be appearing on here soon. Rather enjoyable but with a very strange plot line involving a pig. Watch this space to find out more about that…

cholera Love in the time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My history teacher at school used to bang on about this all the time, so I bought it and never got around to reading it, and now, six years later I selected it from my to be read jar! It wasn’t the great love story I was expecting to be honest… More like creepy stalker who won’t leave a poor girl alone than Romeo and Juliet! I should have listened to Kathy over at booksonthetube becauseshe reviewed this!


Truth or Dare – Ella Monroe I chose this from netgalley not realising that it’s actually the third book in a series. Ooops. I kind of wanted something light and fluffy after Love in the time of Cholera though! It really didn’t work for me though, mostly because I had no idea what was going on! Here’s my review anyway!


Something Wicked this way comes – Ray Bradbury. This was delightfully poetic, but I found that that distracted from the creepiness of it, the things being described were horrific but it was done it such a beautiful way that I forgot to be scared!

confessionsConfessions of an Almost Girlfriend – Louise Rozett. I managed to pick another book that is part way through a series, unlike Truth or Dare, this one also worked as a stand alone and was actually much better than I thought it was going to be. Here’s the reviewreview.  

elite1The Elite – Keira Cass.
I haven’t read The Selection. I seem to keep picking books that are part way through a series. I have read enough reviews of The Selection to kind of know what was going on though. Check out my review here.

lesmis Les Miserables – Victor Hugo
Finally! Finally! It’s finished! It’s done! My wrists ache and it feels so good! There is so much more to this story than meets the eye, and although I have been reading it since January, I’m glad it’s taken so long, this book spans several decades, it seems only right that I take my time with it. I reviewed it for your reading pleasure here. 

cameronThe Miseducation of Cameron Post – Emily M Danforth.
If it is possible to want to love and marry a book, then this is that book. This is the one. If I never get to read another book in my entire life, I’ll be happy that at least I got to experience this one. I still can’t properly express how I feel about this book, so please, just read the review where I am at least a little more coherent. 

In my head – Chris Loveder
This doesn’t have a cover because it’s not yet finished, but I managed to convince Chris to let me read the zombie novel he’s been working on and it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, so I’m listing it here so he’ll start believing me.

secrets1The Book of Secrets – Elizabeth Joy Arnold
This is an ARC which I’m including because I started it two days before the end of the month, so it counts even though I haven’t finished it yet! There will be a review soon, mostly, I want to see if it’s anything like the book I wrote called The Book of Secrets!


2 thoughts on “Things what I read (June)”

  1. I’m glad to see you agreed with me on Love in the Time of Cholera. I sometimes wonder if I’ve overdone it with my ‘OMG Florentino’s a creep!’ line but then I remember how creepy he is and I feel better.

    1. No, he really is a creep… He’s like a pensioner and is dating a school girl when he turns up at the doctors funeral and is all, hey, now you’re single do you want me to Fermina. I was like, not cool bro, not cool.

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