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The Great Bookish Bake-Off – Rhubarb Crumble


The cakes I bake and the books I read whilst baking them. 


Its still rhubarb picking season. Well… My Grandad bought the last of his rhubarb over at the weekend, and as I’d been making cakes with the rest of it, I thought I’d do a crumble this time instead. It was maybe a bit warm for crumble though because my bread crumby topping was definitely more doughy than it should have been!

But anyway, rhubarb crumble.
Things you will need:
An oven proof dish
A set of scales
A bowl for mixing.
A sprinkle of sugar
A dash of water
200g flour
200g butter.
And the book of your choice. I used the time to get started on The Book of Secrets, which is an ARC I got from Netgalley. I’m in the process of finishing the final draft of my own book called the Book of Secrets so I’m intregued as to what we’ve done differently with that title.

I chopped the rhubarb first, I didn’t have very much of it left over, but I basically got rid of the ends and cut it into finger sized chunks. Those all went into the oven proof dish with a dash of cold water and a sprinkle of sugar. Set all that aside and weigh out your flour and butter. These went into the other bowl and this is where the fun begins. Making crumble can be quite messy, basically, you have to mix it with your fingers until the butter and flour have combined to make a breadcrumb like consistancy. Like I said, it was very warm this weekend when I made this, and the key is to not let the butter melt. I ended up with a sort of half dough half bread crumb type combination. But, you know, it all tastes the same.

That got poured over the rhubarb with a sprinkle of sugar and stuck in the oven on 180 for forty minutes while I cracked into The Book of Secrets. I managed to get to the second chapter before the timer went off to tell me the crumble was ready. I think I’m going to end up really liking this book, it’s  based in a book shop at the moment and the chapters are all named after famous books so I think this is the sort of story that book lovers are going to need in their lives. I’ll do a proper review once it’s finished.

I don’t like rhubarb, so I have no idea if the crumble was ok or not, but my parents have made their way through it so I’m assuming so!
Also, in other news, I released an ebook yesterday, you can download it for free here. It’s probably full of typos and stuff, but it’s free and I got a bit impatient waiting for the release of the actual book I’m actually releasing so I thought I’d unleash it anyway.


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