Billy and Me


Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher

I might upset some hardcore fan girls with this. And I am sorry. But you know… In the object of honesty, it has to be done.

downeydeal with it

I’ve been wanting to read this since the days that it was called All I wanted and was first mentioned on Twitter. For those that don’t know, Giovanna is the wife of Tom Fletcher, the chap from Mcfly,
point to me Yes Tom, you are right to fist pump, your wife is crazy beautiful and seems to be one of the nicest people on the planet.I say this because Giovanna is someone that I have followed on Twitter for an age and who I once spent an awkward five minutes with in a corridor when I was working at Closer magazine.

Billy and Me is her debut, and, given the subject matter, one that she is more than qualified to write.

Sophie May has a secret.
One that she’s successfully kept for years. It’s meant that she’s had to
give up her dreams of going to university and travelling the world to stay
in her little village, living with her mum and working in the local teashop.
But then she meets the gorgeous Billy – an actor with ambitions to make
it to the top. And when they fall in love, Sophie is whisked away from the
comfort of her life into Billy’s glamorous – but ruthless – world.
Their relationship throws Sophie right into the spotlight after years of
shying away from attention. Can she handle the constant scrutiny that
comes with being with Billy? And most of all, is she ready for her secret
heartbreak to be discovered and shared with the nation?

Here’s where I get eaten by rabid fangirls.
Guys, I am really sorry, Giovanna seems like the lovliest person ever and she can tell a good story, I’m just not altogether certain that this did that story much justice.
I’ll be honest, the opening had me worried. Written almost like a letter, Sophie’s first monologue was painfully simplistic, too many ! and incredibly over described. At times the whole book felt a lot like reading something submitted by an English student for their GCSE’s. There were a lot of “blooming” and “flipping” which grated on me, not even my grandmother says that! The Jude Law bit made me cringe too, but now that I’ve gotten my criticisms out of the way, I can talk about what I liked about it, and considering that I got through the whole thing in about four hours, I must have liked it.

The writing definitely got better as the book went on, the story itself was captivating and was beautifully romantic. The title character of Sophie was almost too normal but was rather endearing I suppose, though, thinking back I can’t really remember why I thought that, the real star of the show for me, and probably everyone ever, was Billy who just further proved that perfect men only live in books.The story was compelling and I loved the insight into showbiz that is so rarely seen, I even teared up a bit at the end, despite my grievances.  It really was the perfect thing to sit outside in the sun with and I can imagine that holiday goers would love this.

Billy and Me isn’t a bad book in the slightest and I would more than happily read more from Giovanna in the future, I just think that for me, I fell for a lot of good reviews that raved about this, when in reality it felt a little too much like a first book. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, people might hate the books I’ve written, I’m lucky enough that no one cares enough to write about them on the internet. I’m sure that Giovanna will keep getting better and better, she certainly has the potential to.

If anyone comes to me wanting holiday reads, this is going straight on the list.


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