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Happy birthday Blaine!

Yesterday was my kindle’s third birthday!


Before I got him, I was a little skeptical of kindles, I was someone who thought that a book ought to be a book, that you should be able to turn the pages and smell the mildew and get arm ache when the story is really long and the cover is well made and heavy. I still do think that sometimes, there are certain books that I absolutely must have in physical form for one reason or another, but I have grown to love the idea of ereaders over the years.

So, here’s the story of my kindle, Blaine, first birthday.
I had gone to my friend Annie’s house for lunch and we ended up chatting a bit about books, I was in the middle of my 52 books challenge in a bid to get back into reading back then and she ploughs through about a million books a week (possible exaggeration). Some how we ended up talking about kindles, she had one, I was in two minds about them, during the course of the conversation, her kindle came out for me to have a play with and I ended up learning about all the different things that you can do with them, like highlighting your favourite paragraphs and how many things you can fit on it etc etc. That night, I went to the super market with my mum and what did they have on special offer? You’ve guessed it, the kindle keyboard with wifi and 3g. Needless to say, I bought one.

Once I had it home, unwrapped, set up and was going through the immense list of free classics that the kindle store has on offer (my first ebook was in fact Wuthering Heights), I knew that this was meant to be, that I was perhaps a little bit silly for having denied myself an e-reader for so long. Yes, feeling the pages will always feel a bit more superior and having the actual cover on your shelf will always look a little nicer, but books take up room that I don’t have, books can weigh loads which isn’t always practical when you’re going on holiday and books can be expensive – some times, rightfully so, and really, it doesn’t matter how I am reading something, just that I am.

It is also impossible to do this:


With a kindle. You always manage to give a much better bitch face when
looking over the top of a book.
I now have an entire libraries worth of stories to settle down with all on one little device and I kinda love that. It was the start of a beautiful friendship (hence calling it blaine) that has crossed oceans and kept me entertained along the way.

Blaine turned three yesterday and although that makes him an old man in the eyes of the technology world (my mum has a kindle fire which is an actual tablet) I hope that our reading relationship can continue to grow and that we will be celebrating many more birthdays to come.

So, happy birthday Blainers!



In other news and a bit of shameless self promotion – I want to thank everyone who has gotten a copy of Harley’s Angels so far, it’s selling much better than I thought it would and now the kindle version is on sale, it’s doing really well, so THANK YOU!


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