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Booky Wook 2


My Booky Wook 2: this time it’s personal – Russell Brand

My descent into memoirs continues, I read Russell Brand’s first book a few years ago and rather enjoyed it and had been looking to getting around to reading booky wook 2 for quite some time. I enjoy Russell Brand, I know a lot of people don’t like him, and I can see why they wouldn’t, personally, I feel like I wouldn’t want to know him, but I appreciate his existence. I find him to be an intelligent, articulate, sprite like fellow, full of witticisms and I love his ability to play with language. I think his jokes can be a bit border line at times (which is sort of the point of comedy) and he is a deeply complex individual but I enjoy him nonetheless. In fact, I saw him in the actual flesh performing once. Well, he was supposed to be performing, but it sort of descended into him climbing about the auditorium and standing on the empty chair next to mine for most of the gig.

I’m the very tiny, black haired person in red sat on the chair right freaking next to Russell Brand.

Anyway, BookyWook 2.
This book was both deeply sad and bitingly funny, if you’ve watched either of Russell’s stand up dvds, some of the jokes and anecdotes will already be known to you, which is a bit annoying, but generally the overall tone is one of great sadness, a manic pixie man searching for love and lost in a sea of addiction and compulsive behaviour. It was a fascinating look into the life of a man with a peculiar mind as well as a very interesting insight into the way films and television shows are made. Of course, it touches on the whole Sachsgate thing, which incidentally, I based most of my dissertation on when at university, so this book was great from that perspective because it meant that I got to have a personal account of something that I had studied from the point of view that the Daily Mail were attacking the BBC (turns out that’s how Russell saw it too), also, the fact that I am a radio presenter in my spare time and Russell was a radio presenter was a nice touch, I briefly did some work for a local BBC station, and it was nothing like how Russell describes radio 2. Coincidentally, Somer Valley FM with whom I present two shows, is nothing like radio 2. I always thought that this was down to the fact that we don’t have Dermot O’Leary wondering around, but it also turns out that we have much fewer rules and regulations.

This book ends with Russell being head over heels in love with Katy Perry which, having read it after hearing him talk about how unhappy a marriage that was, felt very bittersweet to me and made me want to cuddle him a bit. Only cuddle him though, sorry Russ, we might have a wonderful time singing along to Morrissey and discussing the brilliance of Sylvia Plath, but you’re not really my type. I have a feeling that Booky Wook 3 maybe on the cards and if that’s the case, I think I might also read that, though hopefully without such a massive gap between it being published and me actually reading it.


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