Prerecorded Blog. Like a live blog but without the real time reaction.

People who read this blog regularly will know that I hate giving bad reviews, so instead of writing a review for Hilary Duff’s Elixir, I will instead share with you my goodreads updates and a selection of gifs. Mostly because this book is one big paperbound WTF and I need to straighten it out in my mind.
Before we start – there will be spoilers, usual rules apply. So, if when you see River you should probably stop reading if you don’t want to know anything.


Ok so, let me just break this down for ya’ll, Clea is a young photojournalist – young enough to still need parental permission but old enough to go clubbing – with famous parents. At the start of the book, her dad is missing presumed dead and she starts noticing a hot stranger in photos she’s taken when there is no conceivable way that he can possibly be there. Then he starts haunting her dreams. They meet and she suspects he might be a cold bloodied killer but her bff thinks he’s hot so it’s ok. and together, she, hot stranger and her buddy, Ben go on a mini transatlantic mission to try and find Clea’s dad and the elixir of life with many wtf moments along the way. Let’s begin.

07/29 page 66 20.0% “Um… You took a picture of your closet, saw a man in the picture that wasnt in your closet and then just WENT TO SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM THAT THAT WEIRDNESS WENT DOWN IN?! Gurrl, what is up with that?!

Yes. Yes. That’s a thing that just happened.

07/30 page 132 40.0% “In my head, Clea is Lizzie Maguire and Ben is Gordo. Its all thats keeping me going.”


08/01 page 135 40.0% “Wait though… Doesnt Sage think Cleas with Ben? Wtf Sage?!”

My face at this point resembles this:

07/30 page 165 50.0% “Seriously? Seriously? You discover a murderous art collection and the first thing you do is go to the bathroom?!”

I know that when I find myself in a house in the middle of a rainforest belonging to a creepy man who shows up in photographs and is wearing my missing father’s watch, and then I discover that he has a collection of paintings that depict my murder over and over again, the first thing I want to do is hang out in the bathroom leaving my best friend in the company of said creepy man.

08/01 page 231 70.0% “Hold up… Even though you think creepy man from photos who you met in a jungle wearing your missing dad’s watch might be a time travelling murderer, you still think its a good idea for your friend to share a room with him an then shag him in a car?!? Wtf?!

zac cant even

08/01 page 297 90.0% “Ya’ll need Jesus, thats all I’m saying at this juncture.”

Apparently, being in insta love with creepy photo man is ok, because theyre the same three souls being reincarnated again and again. Ok that makes it all ok then.

Now, I love Hilary Duff, always have done, but really, Hilary? Really? I gotta be honest, I really can’t read the rest of this series.

If you enjoyed my thoughts during this book, have a looksee at my goodreads for a much more live live blogging.


3 thoughts on “Prerecorded Blog. Like a live blog but without the real time reaction.”

  1. Haha I love this with all the gifs! I think it’s a good idea to give up now! I read book two and it wasn’t much better. Two down, one to go…

    Awesome post. 🙂

    1. I think I will stop now! I can’t do it to myself! Why Hilary, why?! The annoying thing is, it’s actually a really good premise and could have been creepy and awesome.
      Glad you liked my peculiar mutterings anyway!

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