Great Bookish Bakeoff

The Great Bookish Bakeoff – Swirled Sugar Cookies


The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


I know. These do not look like swirled sugar cookies, but they do look significantly more like biscuits than my last attempt at making them, when they resembled mouldy lumps of dough. This is my second try at making these and I still can’t get it right, but they taste mighty fine so I thought I would talk a bit about them anyway. For those of you who don’t know, this is what they are supposed to look like:

20130907-160430.jpgIf you can get yours to look like this, then I seriously want your secret.
Ok then, here are the things you are going to need: Scales,
two bowls,
a rolling pin,
a pastry brush,
some cling film,
a few table spoons of water, 3 cups of self raising flour,
1 cup of butter,
1 1/2 cups of sugar,
2 eggs,
some food colouring and some sprinkles. I also put chocolate chips in mine, but that’s only because of the monstrosity that I ended up with last time.
You’ll also need a book to read whilst these are baking. I got stuck into an ARC I was reading called Sometimes Never Sometimes Always which I’ll be reviewing at some point soon.

First things first, measure out all your ingredients, stick the flour, butter, sugar and eggs into a bowl and mix together until you get a stiff dough. Split that dough in half, put one lot in your second bowl and stick somewhere out of the way, the rest leave in the bowl. Poke some holes in it and dribble in some food colouring, then get your hands in there, make some mess and get your dough ball looking all colourful. Once you have one coloured dough and one normal looking bit of dough, stick them both in the fridge for ten minutes just because the adding of the food colouring does make the dough a bit sticky and if it’s a bit refridgerated, it should be easier to play with.
Once your dough is cold, roll them both out seperately, apply a little water using a pastry brush to whichever is the darker coloured layer of dough and then carefully set the lighter layer on top. Trim the edges so it looks a bit more even and then gently roll it into a sausage shape.
This is where the cling film comes in, lay it out flat and sprinkle it with sprinkles, using the pastry brush, paste some water over the big dough sausage (in your endo) and then roll it in the sprinkles wrapping it in the plastic wrapping.
Stick the whole thing back in the fridge for an hour, you can use this time to do some reading.
I’ll save most of my thoughts on this book til the review but I’ve not really made up my mind if I like it or not yet. It has a really good concept, but I’m not so sure about the way that it’s told. I guess time will tell on whether I like it or not when I get to the end.
I’ll skip most of the hour long wait for the dough because I’m sure you want to move on and get sorted on this rather than hearing about how tedious the book is.
Unwrap the cling film from the dough and cut into slices, it should look a bit cool and swirly. Mine did… but then I cooked it!
The slices need to be placed on a baking tray and put in the oven on 190 degrees for ten minutes.

As you can see, mine do not look right at all, but they taste good! They’re crunchy and sweet on the outside because of the sprinkles and light and chewy in the centre which is my favourite texture when it comes to biscuits!
How did yours turn out? Better than mine I hope!


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