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It’s my birthday!

I am a quarter of a century old today! It’s been a very strange but enjoyable few hours starting with the trauma that was downloading ios7, which in turn became the stress of an ill grandparent and the arrival of relatives that I had no idea it was my birthday because they had turned up asking after the ill grandparent… But then it all calmed down and my mother presented me with my birthday cake and I got to open my cards and stuff!


Good haul this year! Including a hand made adventure time pillow! Which is very cool. The green stripey creature was selected by my niece, its to heat the bed so I’m very ecxited to try that out!
I did well bookwise too, after the excitement and guests had died down, my friend Charlotte (of adventure time pillow fame) took me to Ed’s Diner which is the best place in the world which is located next to a cheap bookshop so I added a couple of titles to the ones I was gifted today!


Along with an amazing baking book, I also received a kindle voucher and Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda which I’ve wanted forever and then added Stardust, The Eyre Affair which sounds all kinds of hilarious and an erotic reworking of The Great Gatsby. Mostly for the lolz.
I’ve rather enjoyed my first day of being 25! I hope all your Saturdays were equally as good!



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