Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Lemon Meringue Cup Cakes


The cakes I bake and the books I read whilst making them. 

Retro post time! Well, sort of! I made some of these the other day to take to work for my birthday, but the first time I made them turned out better, so I’ve used that picture! Because I am a massive cheater!


Things you will need: 
Measuring equipment, something to mix it all with. (I used a food blender and an electric whisk, because I am very lazy.)
For the cakes:
175g self raising flour
175g sugar
175g butter
2 eggs
For the meringue:
4 eggs (you only need the whites)
115g caster sugar
115g icing sugar
A tin of lemon curd
And a book of your choice. I was reading City of Bones the first time I made these, Clary and co and just arrived at Magnus Bane’s party and I noticed that there was no Lemon Meringue Pie – Magnus seems like a meringue fan to me. Of course this deduction led me to then want some meringue myself, though I wasn’t in a position to be making pastry – I didn’t want to risk blind baking and I couldn’t find a rolling pin so I settled on meringue cup cakes instead. The second time I made these I was reading Eleanor and Park which I reviewed the other day.

So, all the cake ingredients in a blender and then into cake cases in the oven at 180 degrees for forty minutes. Then came the time to let them cool, where I started on the meringue. Getting the egg whites was a fairly messy business, I cracked individual eggs and tipped the yolk between the two halves of the shell until all the whites were in the mixer and only the yolks were left behind. I actually used an electric whisk rather than a blender. Whilst whisking the egg whites, I started pouring in the sugar bit by bit until it started to thicken and I was able to make stiff peaks (which sounds very rude) with the whisk. Using some tin foil on a baking tray, the meringue mixture got heaped liberally onto the baking tray and stuck in the oven, 180 degrees for thirty minutes.

After the meringue was done, I left it on the side for a bit so it could set a little, it wasn’t as crunchy as I’d have liked, though I’m told that it gets crispier the longer it’s left. mine had a more marshmallow like consistency but it was still a bit good. It took a bit of time to get them off the foil and onto the cakes but, for a first try it was ok! Before the meringue tops went on, I dolloped some lemon curd onto the cake bases and used it to stick on the meringue. They certainly went down very well with everyone else, and cake always makes a book better.
The second time I made these, I used lemon desert sauce mixed with an extra jiff lemon instead of lemon curd. I also left my meringue in the oven too long because I was faffing about with ios7, so they didn’t look quite as good, but they tasted ok… Well, no one from work has died so I’m assuming they were fine!



1 thought on “Great Bookish Bakeoff – Lemon Meringue Cup Cakes”

  1. They look awesome, I love LMP but I never make the pastry because making dough leaves me in a state of rage that I find it hard to recover from in time to enjoy my sweet baked goods. Cupcake sounds like an excellent alternative.

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