The Read List

Things what I read in September

The ninth monthly round up of the year. How mental is it that September is over already?! Like seriously 2013, slow down! Here’s what I read this month:

darkThe Dark Heroine – Abigail Gibbs.
Objectively the worst book I have ever read. If you’re interested, I wrote a very long impassioned post about why I hated it so much. Seriously though, don’t read it. 0/10 do not recommend. That’s what I’m here for: Leah Smith, reading bad books so you don’t have to.

sometimes1Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always – Elissa Janine Hoyle.
I’ve not read any ARCs for aaaaaages, so it was a bit disappointing that this was what I picked to get back into it. The cover is absolutely beautiful and it’s a shame that the book doesn’t match up. It’s not out til November, so this review will just have to tide you over instead.

portiaUnbareable Lightness – Portia de Rossi.
This was intense. My God, Portia de Rossi was batshit crazy!  I wanted to read this because I kinda love Portia de Rossi (she’s in a couple of my favourite telly shows) but man, i had no idea just how much we had in common until I read this. It’s a bitter pill to swallow and at times it comes across very much like a how to novel, but I am so glad that she is happy and healthy now.

brokeWhy we broke up – Daniel Handler.
Aw, this book was so bitter sweet, it had it’s own soundtrack in my head, mostly we are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift. I really wish I had the paperback version because the illustrations didn’t work that well in kindle format but it was seriously very sad and very cute and I want to give this book a big hug.

goneGone Girl – Gillian Flynn.
It seems like everyone else in the world has already read this. I’m in the process of trying to write two thrillers so I thought I might learn something, I was going to review it but I didn’t know how without giving the whole thing away… I will just share these thoughts with you though: I hated every single character in this book. Like seriously all of them. The first forty pages were irrelevant and it took FOREVER to get interesting. Plus right, the initial part of the book is some dude moaning about the fact that he can only afford to rent his mansion. Oh, man, all those years of middle class, white, suburban oppression must have been tough on you, eh? It was alright. Nothing special to be honest.

heroHero – Perry Moore.
I wanted to like this so much, I really, really did. I love super heroes, I love LGBT books that have characters that are more than just their sexuality. But, honestly, some of the story was a bit dull, it took forever to get started and the names of some of the super heroes were a bit lame (Uberman, really?) I’m just gonna stick to reading fanfic where Tony Stark is secretly Blaine from Glee’s dad, cos they’re much better.

ep2Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell.
Oh my gallifrey you guys, this book was all kinds of incredible. Think of your first love, this book will make you relive every adorable, breath taking moment of the first time you see that person, the first time you realise how you feel about that person. I kinda loved it a bit. You can read my review here.

stardustStardust – Neil Gaiman.
I’m one of those people that like Neil Gaiman’s existence more than I like his collective works, having said that, I actually really enjoyed Stardust, yeah, the film was better, like way better, but it was still very charming and magical and was everything that a fairy tale should be. 

I’ve just started reading Struck By Lightning because Emma reviewed it and said it was good, I’m not that far into it though so it maybe a while! Also, don’t forget that you still have sixteen days to enter my goodreads giveaway to win a copy of my book!



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