#LoveThisQuote – Boy Meets Boy



agree with this


I’ve just finished watching Stephen Fry’s Out There and found it utterly fascinating how ignorant people are about homosexuality and how transphobic the world can be. Like seriously, these people do realise that straight couples produce non heterosexual kids, right?
The general consensus of the people interviewed on the programme seemed to be that being around homosexuals made children homosexual. Using that logic, I am going to start hanging around tall people so that I can finally get to be five feet tall.
For all the wonderful things Stephen Fry’s documentary touched on, it did fail to really represent the bisexual/pansexual community and not once did it mention the biphobia of the world, which seems to exist within the lgbt community itself, and this realisation made me remember this quote from Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.
If only more people thought that way.

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