Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bake off – Rocky Road


The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them.


I should mention that this isn’t really cake. I should also say that I don’t like chocolate, which is why I found a load of the stuff in my wardrobe left over from Christmas that I thought I should probably do something with. Hence, Rocky Road.

Things you will need:
All the chocolate
125g butter
dried fruit
biscuit pieces.
And the book of your choice. I was reading Severed Heads, Broken Hearts at the time.

So, you need to break your chocolate into manageable chunks and put it in a bowl with your butter, also in manageable chunks and put the whole lot into the microwave for 30 seconds, give it a stir, put it back in for another 30 seconds and continue until you have a bowl of liquidy chocolate stuff. Once that’s all melted, add your fruit, marshmallow, biscuit and any other things you want to stick in and then put the whole lot in a tray and refrigerate for HOURS. I left mine in for about seven hours, I managed to read an entire book in that time. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts isn’t a particularly long book, but I’m fairly convinced you could probably finish the whole of Game of Thrones in that time too.

The result is a chewy, chocolatey, gooey treat that really won’t last very long at all!



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