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Journey into mystery: Fear Itself


Journey into Mystery: Fear Itself – Keiron Gillen and Doug Braithwaite.

I don’t think I’ve reviewed a graphic novel/ comic book on here before. But as I’m doing the six week challenge at the moment, I guess that’s about to change. I’m reviewing everything I read between November 1st and December 13th, so lucky you, here’s a graphic novel.
Now, Journey into mystery, for those that don’t know is a series of marvel comics set in the Thor universe, stories about Asgard and much mischief. Fear Itself is a collection of several stories that are led by Loki. Or rather, an incarnation of Loki. You might not know this, but Loki is my favourite Marvel villain, it kind of helps that he then went on to be played by Tom Hiddleston. You should probably get yourself a copy of this, because it’s awesome. Just make sure you don’t confuse the author, Kerion Gillen with Karen Gillan. She’s the one that was in Doctor Who. Just so we’re clear.

The shadow of Fear Itself looms over Asgard, and only Loki holds the key to stopping the impending war between Odin’s army and the Serpent! With Thor imprisoned by the All-Father, and the rest of Asgard mistrustful of the young reincarnation of the god of mischief, Loki takes what help he can get from his new avian advisor Ikol, the undead Tyr, God of Battles, and a bloodthirsty Hel wolf, and journeys to the underworld. There he hopes to best the Serpent’s devious machinations and undermine the god of fear’s plan for world domination. But ever the trickster, when it comes to Loki, nothing is as it seems!


Appropriate gif is appropriate.
So, basically, Loki died (sort of) and then regenerated Doctor style into Kid!Loki who is now trying to be a good man and do what his big brother Thor says. Or is he?
The beauty of Loki is that he is interchangeable and you have no idea what he’s really thinking and what plans he’s making. Plus, he suits being a kid really well, kids are supposed to be mischievous, which he is in abundance in this and Loki is wonderfully conflicted between who he wants to be and who he is, he’s being advised by a version of his earlier self, but he isn’t necessarily evil, not at the moment anyway.

Also, I kinda love this story arc because bits of it are set in Hela, where we get to meet Leah. (THAT’S ME!) And well, I ship Loki and I. So, any mention of the two of us on a page is enough to excite me.
I should probably mention the amazing illustrations, the incredible one liners, the fact that Loki argues with people on Twitter using a Stark phone.
There is enough Norse Mythology present to reclaim the characters and give Gillen enough of a blank canvas to play around with them, so even if you’ve not got much prior knowledge of the characters and what they’ve done previously, you’ll still be able to follow the story. There’s even a little Loki catch up at the beginning just to fill you in.

And that’s what you missed on Loki.



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