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Things I read in November

How is it November already? It literally feels like it was only February two days ago! Anyway, here’s everything that I read in November. You’ll notice there has been a lot of reviews this month, I’m afraid there are a few more coming because I’m in the middle of the SVFM Six Week Challenge.

DEV1 Devilish – Maureen Johnson.
Think early episodes of Buffy and the random episodes of Supernatural. You know the ones, like the one where Sam had really bad luck and the one were Dean was scared of everything. That book is like those episodes. It’s funny, silly and kind of genius, it’s really not what you might expect, but it’s everything you could want.

allegientsmallAllegiant – Veronica Roth.
The ending is the worst. Like, I feel a little cheated by the ending, in the same way I felt cheated by Mockingjay. I did like how the series went though, even if it didn’t completely make sense to me, I really wasn’t expecting the truth when it was revealed, so yeah.

messenger I am the messenger – Markus Zusak.
Think of the single best thing you have ever read in your entire life, are you thinking about it? Good, now discount it entirely, I can guarantee that it won;t be anywhere near as good as this. Read it, read it now. Like, immediately, stop reading this and go now.

happiness This is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E Smith.
This was so cute, it was like a bucket full of kittens presenting you with a bag of candy floss and a massive cuddle. This book was indeed what happiness looks like. 

how2 How I live now – Meg Rosoff.
Well, I loved the trailer so much I had to try and find the book so that I could watch the film.
The book is ok, it’s not the best war story that I’ve read and has a bit of a strange stream of conscious style which was had to get into but I liked it anyway!

journey Journey into mystery – Kieron Gillen.
Ever wonder what a Loki lead story would be like? Well, wonder no longer, journey into mystery instead! Loki is one of my favourite comic villains and I’ve wanted this book for what feels like an eternity and now I’ve finally read it and I still love Loki.

11786477A Moveable Feast- Ernest Hemingway
You know how sometimes you read or see something and it awakens some sort of wonderlust and you want nothing more than to throw in everything and go somewhere? This book elicited that feeling. I now want to go to Paris.

13145654Heart shaped bruise – Tanya Byrne
I don’t read much British YA but if this is what is on the market then that is all about to change. This was endlessly compelling and I could have quite happily read the whole thing in one go.

272315-1Keeping you a secret – Julie Ann Peters
I’m so very nearly done with this! Again I think this is going to end up being a LGBT YA book thats going to leave me disatisfied. So far I’m having problems with the narration but it might get better!

There are a couple of reviews I’ve not managed to post yet cos of the whole wordpress vs talk talk issue thats been going on all week, hopefully I’ll catch up soon without having to use my phone!



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