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Cool Story Bro.

Back in December, I had some major kindle cover envy after buying my mum a cover for her new kindle. I myself have long coveted pretty kindle covers and am constantly glaring with jealousy at people with kindle covers designed to look like classic books or with Cath Kidson pattens all over them. I only had a silicone sleeve thing on my kindle back from when I first bought it, so I ended up getting myself one of the only cases they had left for my kindle model which I decided to customise and now, almost a year later, I’ve finally finished decorating it.


I’ve always thought the kindle keyboards looked a bit like the guide from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy so I did get a little excited when I found a Don’t Panic symbol! I also couldn’t resist a Maureen Johnson sticker and references to Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye and the Great Gatsby which are all firm favourites of mine and, coincidently, don’t feature in my ebook collection. Now I just need the opportunity to read more in public so that I can show it off!



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