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What Leah wore: Christmas edition

Hey! Its new feature time!
So, this blog is mostly about two of my favourite things, books and cakes, I’m about to add a third thing to that list: geeky t shirts.
Back in the far distant past, when I was a freelancer and disn’t have a 9-5, I ran a blog detailing the geeky t shirt of the day and as I get asked about where my geeky shirts are from when its warm enough for short sleeves, I thought I’d feature them on here.
As its Christmas though and today was the office Christmas lunch (I got a special vegan feast because of my recently discovered lactose intolerance) I got out the Christmas jumper so today’s new blog feature will start with the Christmas edition.

Jumper- Primark
Dress – Forever 21
Shoes – New Look

I even got a festive border around it! Go me! And managed to feature my friend Chris and I rocking the Christmas jumpers during my radio show last week!



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