Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bake off – Candy Cane Cupcakes

bookishbakeoffThe cakes I bake and the books I read whilst making them. 

Here’s a retro post for you, however, they were festive enough that I think it works this time of year.These were, in fact, made last New Year’s Day for a party that my mum was throwing for the grandparents etc, it’s sort of a family tradition. I had had some cake decorating paraphenalia for Christmas that I wanted to try out so I wanted to make desert. This cake recipe was adapted from Rosie’s blog. Rosie’s cakes were much prettier looking than mine, but they tasted great so!


Things you will need:
Measuring equipment, mixing equipment – I got my blender out for this. 175g self raising flour
150g sugar
150g butter
2 eggs
For the icing:
100g icing sugar
200g butter
green food colouring
peppermint flavouring
crushed candy canes.

And a book of your choice. I finished off Rapunzel Untangled while I was making these.

So, I started off the same as usual, took me a bit of time to clear a work top because mother was also cooking a roast dinner at the time. But as usual, stuck the flour, the sugar, the butter and the eggs straight into the blender and blasted it for three minutes. Once it was all mixed in, I poured the mixture into cake cases (these ones are spotty and very cute, though unfortunately made of paper so were a one time use kind of thing.) and popped them into the oven. Like I said, my mum as cooking stuff at the same time, so these ended up going in on a much higher temperature than I would normally do and only took about ten minutes. So I didn’t get much reading done while they were in the oven. While they were cooling on the side though, I got stuck in and managed to finish the last chapter, I won’t tell you too much here because I did write and link you to a big old review, but I am hoping there will be a sequel because it felt a little unfinished.

Then came the decoration. I cleaned out the blender and stuck the butter and icing sugar in there, I mixed for a minute or two and then added three drops of food colouring and poured a liberal amount of peppermint flavouring over the top before mixing some more. Depending on how strong you want your icing, adjust the amount of flavouring you want, I’m a big fan of peppermint. The crushing of the candy canes was much more fun and difficult than I thought it would be, in the end I was throwing them on the floor and jumping on them, (they were in wrappers of course) and when that didn’t quite work, I sat down and gave them a good bash with a rolling pin.
Overall though, they went down quite well and I would never have had the chance to finish Rapunzel Untangled if it hadn’t been for that brief moment of cake cooling!


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