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Things I read in December

Its been a whole year! A YEAR! Dear God, I was starting to think that I wouldn’t manage my Goodread challenge of 100 books this year, but I just and just managed it!
Here’s what I read in the month of December!

unwrittenUnwritten Rule – Elizabeth Scott
Sort of fluffy and not all that memorable but a proper cracking opening line. Reminded me a lot of Something Borrowed, just with teenagers. Although, if you read my review you will note that I went on a rather long ramble about the fairness of blaming the girl…

paper2Paper Aeroplanes – Dawn O’Porter
I wanted to read this since it came out and dear God I was not disappointed, it was like a trip down memory lane, turns out that it doesn’t really matter when or where you went to school, there is always the best friend that you secretly hate and the growing pains of adolescence.

paraparaparadiseThis Side of Paradise – F. Scott Fitzgerald
Seriously, Scott, when you have a book that is as beautifully written as this one, why are you only really remembered for The Great Gatsby? Like Gatsby, and pretty much everything else he ever wrote, this is a little style over substance, but the prose is really rather beautiful.

haroldThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry –  Rachel Joyce.
A wonderfully poignant novel, seriously I loved every second of it. Its hard to explain what ita about but it ry does show how easy it is to lose sight of who you are, what you want and what youre doing with your life and how a physical and metophorocal journey and bring you back to who you are.

baThe Boyfriend App – Katie Sise
Wow, I expected this to be a cute teenage romance, not a sci fi with a nefarious co operation and mind control! What a lovely surprise, actually really good, I had a few niggles with the app itself, because like, it was a bit stalkery and there was so much code talk that I had no idea what was going on a various points, but other than that, really rather good. Review here.

Untitled-1Being Sloane Jacobs – Lauren Morrill
The last ARC I’ll read in 2013! This cover is beautiful, the premise is interesting and my thoughts can be found herehere. This is released in January, so if you had money or book tokens for Christmas, you can get yourself a copy! Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with the epub.

ask The Ask and the Answer – Patrick Ness
I read the first Chaos Walking novel earlier this year when i was in charge of gifting copies of it for World Book Night and have been meaning to read the rest of the series. Someone i gave the Knife of Never Letting Go to, liked it so much they got the whole series and lent me the second one!

carolA Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens
I watched the Muppets Christmas Carol and decided i needed to feel more christmassy so gave this a reread! It’s short and sweet and has one of the best opening lines of all times.

carmilla Carmilla – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Being a big fan of Dracula, I wanted to get myself a copy of this, its a vampire book that came YEARS before Dracula. Its one of the books you can get for free from goodreads. I love vampires and I love lesbians so naturally, I thought this book was ace!


And so, another year over!
I know none of y’all care, but here’s a selection of photos that defined my 2013!
20131231-161953.jpgSnow in January – at the beginning of this year I was working at a publishing company, but I spent most of it working from home because of the snow! / The Fault in our Stars tour – my first trip to Swindon, I’ve been there so many times since then because they have the closest Eds to me! / My niece turned two! I’ve had so much fun watching her grow up this year!/ Spending summer in London and hanging out at the big blue cock! / Getting the best job EVER at the Journal, I’ve spent the most of this year as an editorial assistant! / Releasing a novel. I released a novel. Yep. / Watching my buddies get married, my first grown up wedding! The first of my friends to tie the knot! / Hanging out at the Harry Potter studio tour/ Turning 25. 



Watching Weller in a forest/ Going to the Cheltenham Lit Fest and Bath Lit Fest (where I met J K Rowling!)/ Hanging with the minions in Longwell Green/ The great pineapple mystery/ Cocktails out of a teapot/ Being Wunderbar quiz champions twice!/ being part of the South West Radio Station of the year!

This year has been so much fun! I’ve not managed to have a holiday as such, I’ve not read as much as I’d have liked, I’ve not seen as much of my friends as I’d have liked, but it’s been fun and next year, I intend to watch as many films as possible, be as healthy as possible, read as much as possible and take as many pictures as possible!



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