Top 5

Top 5

Brilliant character names.
This was a top ten tuesday back last year which excited me for many reasons, one being that I bloody love names. Like, I love what they mean and if that conflicts with a person’s personality. I love how they sound on my tongue and how they’re the one thing that completely and utterly defines a person and yet it’s forced on them rather than chosen. I kind of hate my name, out of all the ones my mum had on her list, she then went and let my auntie name me. Sucks to be me. But, here are my favourite names that are shared by literary characters.

# 5 – Alaska
Alaska Young has to be on this list for several reasons, firstly, because she got to choose her own name, which is AMAZING. It’s also unusual and puts me in mind of adventures and Alaska is a big place, she also had a big personality. Its a name that suits her. I searched high and low to try and find out what the name Alaska actually means, just in case John Green was being super obvious with his choice of name, but I couldn’t find anything. I’m just going to go ahead and say that I think it means that she’s larger than life.

#4 – Holden.
I know, Holden Caulfield is a pretentious, whiney, little so and so, but I really love the name Holden. It was one of the many names I suggested to my brother when he told me I was expecting a nephew, I think it’s one of those literary names, that will always be linked back to Catcher in the Rye, but I don’t care, Holden is a great name! Apparently, it’s a first name that comes from a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning “deep valley”. How about that Holden Caulfield, you’re pretty deep.

#3 – Ezra.
There is an Ezra in Pretty Little Liars and also in Severed heads and Broken hearts (which you can read my review of here), I LOVE the name Ezra. This was also on the list when suggesting names to my brother, it’s unusual, but steeped in history, I’ll be honest, the fact that there is a character called Ezra was like 58% of the reason behind me buying Severed Heads in the first place. I feel like it’s the kind of name that gives a person a certain authority, even if they’re young and a bit annoying like the Ezra from that book. In Hebrew, the name Ezra means ‘help’ and in the Old Testament, Ezra was a prophet. It’s also the name of the poet, Ezra Pound as well as some pretty awesome lit characters.

#2 -Arwen.
Lord of the rings related innit. I also really like Samwise from the Lord of the Rings books, and Pippin. Arwen sounds mysterious and Welsh even though it isn’t, apparently, Arwen means “noble maiden” in Sindarin, which makes it a very suitable name for the LOTR character.  Samwise is one of those names that’s common enough for you to not feel out of place, but unusual enough that you kind of feel a little unique all at the same time, and well, Pippin, I used to know a girl who was called Pip (short for Phillippa) and I wished to all that was holy that she’d been Pippin instead, because that would have been awesome.

#1 -Scout. 
I know in To Kill a Mocking Bird, Scout was a nick name, but I’ve met a couple of people who have considered it as an actual first name. Atticus Finch has a good solid name, but so does his daughter. It’s the name of a person you just don’t mess with


Other names that I debated about while compiling this list included:
Aria (pretty little liars), Arya (Game of Thrones), Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes), although I don’t think anyone else could ever carry that name with quite so much finesse,  Loki (comics count right?), Albus (DUMBLEDORE!), in fact, most of the names created by J K Rowling deserve a place on here because they’re all so gosh darn fantastic and meaningful. Even Harry to an extent, he has the most ordinary name ever and yet, he’s one extraordinary kid. I also really like Tris (Divergent), again it’s a nickname, but I actually really like the name Tris (as people will know if they click here, download and read), clicking that link will also lead you to discover that I really like the name Blaine (I named my kindle Blaine after Rick Blaine of Casablanca fame – there is also Amory Blaine of This Side of Paradise fame.) and of course, I always love it when a book features a character called Leah. Although I am told (mostly by googling and facebooking myself – what, you guys don’t do that? No… Me neither…)

awkard smile

that there are LOADS of Leah’s out there, I’ve never actually met one, so I kind of love it when I come across my name in a book. So, if you’ve ever read a book that includes a character called Leah, you need to recommend that to me because even if it’s the worst thing in the world, I will love it for that reason alone (see Twilight saga.) 

Can any of ya’ll think of any other awesome character names that you’ve come across in literature and are contemplating naming your future children? 


9 thoughts on “Top 5”

  1. When I was younger, I named one of my teddy bears Mallory from Mallory Grace of The Spiderwick Chronicles. I named another Violet for Violet Baudelaire of The Series of Unfortunate Events. And now I named my phone Grenadine for the red queen in Splintered. There are a lot of great names in books. 😀

  2. Oh! oh! Alaska Young! I loved, loved her name! I think her name suits her personality. When I bought looking for alaska, I thought the book would be about road trip, like they are lost and looking for Alaska. Hahaha. But boy was I wrong! And John Green knows how to name his characters, they are unique and memorable. Like, Augustus Waters *sobs*

    Ezra! I still can’t believe uggggh…I can’t wait to watch PLL. XD

    One of my favorite names in YA lit is Sky from Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. I just loved it. Haha

      1. I only saw the first episode of Ravenswood and I think it was good. Although it seems paranormal. (?) I don’t know what to feel about that because PLL and Ravenswood are kinda connected, ugh, I don’t want PLL to be paranormal. (hopefully it is not!) *crosses fingers*

  3. Stratton is my favourite name from a book. Although I couldn’t tell you what book it is from although the plot is still pretty vivid. I also like Alyss from the Looking Glass Wars Series and Aubrieta from one if Redwall series. There is some others but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head

  4. Great choices. I would have to go with Lan (Mandragoran) from the Wheel of time, Draco (Malfoy) which in my opinion is even more creative and cool name than Voldemort, Magnus Bane because it just exudes awesomness, Diana (Bishop) from the All Souls Trilogy because of the Goddess Diana, I’ve always loved Greek and Roman mythology and the last one would be Jane – because of my personal favorites Jane Austen and Jane Eyre.

    1. Draco Malfoy has an incredible name, most of JK Rowlings names are brilliantly chosen! I agree with Magnus Bane too, always know that a chap called Magnus is going to be good!

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