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365 Month One!

I just want to preface this by saying I love photographs. I love them, but I rarely take them My favourite past time is going through photo albums and flicking through the pictures on my phone.
Last year, I landed myself a job as an editorial assistant, which basically means that I write stories and take photos for a living. I want to be as good at my job as I possibly can, I get a lot of practise with writing, I’m constantly writing, if it’s not one of many novels, its a blog post or a tweet. (I check my tweets for grammar obsessively.) Taking pictures however is something I have less practise at. Despite that, in the past year, after handling bridge cameras and DSLRs professionally, I’ve noticed that my eye for pictures is changing and getting better, I think  about light, I check the framing before I take the shot, I think about the background and play around with focus and effects. I’m not all that up on how photoshop works, but I’m learning about how to doctor photos so that they’re not too dark or over exposed. I really want more practise at this, I want to be the girl with a camera, documenting everything.
As such, my only new year resolution this year, was to take as many pictures as possible and after seeing Rosie (who is an actual photographer) taking up the 365 challenge, I thought I would give it a go too! I am now the owner of three cameras, plus my iPhone, so I thought I ought to make use of them!

However, posting a picture every single day is going to be difficult and boring, so I’m going to bunch them together and post them a month at a time! I missed out at the beginning of the month, so this 365 will end on the 7th January 2015.




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