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What Leah Wore: The breakfast of Asgardians


Welcome to another edition of What Leah Wore, where I (Leah) post a picture of a geeky t shirt that I own and absolutely no one cares. Let’s go!


My Loki Charms t shirt is one of my favourite shirts of all time. It got me into at least four panels at Leaky Con and helped me convince several members of team star kid that they should come and stay at me house (they’ve not come yet, but there is still time!)
Seriously though, it links two awesome things, the God of Mischief and the ultimate breakfast cereal. (Dear people in charge of what cereals you can sell in England, why isn’t Lucky Charms one of them?).
Obviously, I couldn’t just have one, I needed the set! Hence, Loki Charms and Thorrios.

Loki shirt – Teefury
Thor shirt – Qwertee.


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