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365 Month 2!

February 7th – March 7th!
I am two months into my 365 project and dear God guys, this is starting to get difficult! Just how many times can I take a picture of the view out of my window and get away with it?! At least I managed to get to a few interesting places this month so you get a bit of variety! I think, in order to make this A) more challenging and B) more interesting, that I’ll start trying to do something or go somewhere interesting at least once a month. But, let’s see just how long I can keep that up for shall we?
Anyway, here is this months worth of photos!

I started this 365 project a lot later than I should of done – this is why I shouldn’t be trusted to have new year’s resolutions – which is why this is from the 7th – 7th.



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