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Holiday reads!

So I’m going on holiday!
In ten days I’ll be strolling around the city of Paris which I am ever so excited about! I’ve wanted to go since watching Midnight in Paris and then I read A Moveable Feast and decided I HAD to go, so, just in case you guys are also planning your holidays, here are five and a half books you might want to consider taking with you.

Choosing books to take away with you is a difficult task. I say this as some one who was reading One Day on a train at THAT moment and had to try really hard not to make a noise. I also thought it was wise to read The Fault in our Stars on a 7 hour flight to New York and spent at least half of it trying not to have a break down. It’s times like this when I wish I’d maybe waited to read Anna and the French Kiss or something, just so that I could have something Parisian to take with me! Some of the following books have featured on this blog before, some of them from way back when this was a 52 books project! I’ll link reviews where applicable.

#5 13 Little Blue Envelopes – Maureen Johnson

13 Little Blue Envelopes is the perfect travel companion. It’s about a girl going on an international scavenger hunt aided only by a group of envelopes left to her by her aunt which send her all over the world on an adventure. This book will give you such a need to travel that even if you’re not on holiday, you’ll want to start planning one immediately!

#4 Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern

While this isn’t as traumatic as PS I Love You, it still isn’t a walk in the park, I know that when you’re on holiday, you just want a nice easy read, this is a book that is charming and enthralling and one that I remember reading three times on one holiday because I feel a little in love with this and whenever I see the cover it makes me think of blue skies and sandy beaches, which is of course, what I want you guys to enjoy on your holidays.

#3 and #3.5 This is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E Smith/
Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher

                              thisiswhat billy2

I’m lumping these two together because they are essentially about the same thing. Both are about a girl who meets a famous boy and they get together. It’s a story that This is What Happy Looks Like does infinitely better, but both of them are cute, easy and most definitely beachy reads. Once you get over the annoying “blooming hecks” in Billy and Me, it’s actually quite enjoyable and it’s nice to read the same story from the point of view of an adult human and a teenage human and the different ways in which they deal with the situation. Also, Happy is set in a seaside town which makes it even more holiday related.

#2 Harley’s Angels – Leah Smith

Sorry I’m not sorry. My dad and my auntie both selected this as their holiday read. So although it isn’t about beaches or travelling (unless you count that chapter where an angel and a teenage boy both use public transport) I thought I would include it. Also, you know, who is going to promote me apart from me?

#1 Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

Every holiday needs a killer soundtrack, this book, although set all in one city, is the story of two different people who meet at a gig and then spend an evening together travelling around in search of a secret gig and the songs that await them at each destination as they have this crazy adventure around the city. Plus, it’s Levithan, you you know it has to be good. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is one of those books that stays with you after you’re finished, and if your holiday happens to be in New York City, it’s kind of perfect for this list!

So those are my top 5 1/2 holiday reads! I hope you enjoy these if you haven’t read these and if you have, do you agree or disagree and more importantly, which books should I be packing in my suitcase?




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