Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Marshmallow fluff sugar cookies


The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them.


Yes, you read that right, marshmallow fluff sugar cookies.
Its my dad’s birthday on Monday, plus, my boss is trekking the great wall of China in aid of our local hospital’s cancer centre and is holding hundreds of cake sales in order to raise money (if you’re feeling a bit generous, you can check out her justgiving page here.) so I thought I would experiment and find a new recipe for one of the cake sales and make my dad something for his birthday all at the same time. Plus, I’ve recently discovered that Tesco now sell marshmallow fluff and as I’ve never tried it before, I thought I’d get a pot and use it in some baking. Honestly, marshmallow fluff makes THE best icing I have ever eaten.

Things you will need:
tin foil
For the cookies:
115g butter (I used dairy free butter, lactose, but use whatever butter you like)
150g sugar
1 egg
1 egg yolk
190g self raising flour
80g sprinkles
For the icing:
70g butter (again, milk free stuff for me)
150g icing sugar
4 heaped table spoons of marshmallow fluff
more sprinkles
And, the book of your choice, I was reading Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line which is UH MAZE ING.

So, to the kitchen!
Firstly, beat the butter until it’s all fluffy and not so solid anymore, then start mixing in the sugar, Once that’s combined, add your egg and your egg yolk and give it another damn good stirring. Then spoon in your flour until it’s thick and cakey – these maybe cookies, but they come out as a sort of softish sponge. It’s difficult to explain, they’re soft but not cakey… More biscuity. But soft. Whatever, you’ll find out once you’ve made them. Once the flour is all combined, fold in the sprinkles and then layer evenly over your tin foil covered tin. Stick that in the oven for 25-30 minutes – like I said, you want it soft, but cooked. You’ll understand once you’ve made it yourself. Anyway, while that’s cooking away, you have half an hour in which to start reading.
Although I was never an avid Veronica Mars viewer, I do consider myself a fan of the show. The book is like a sequel to the movie, which I am still desperately searching for. There’s an ultimate VM box set coming out next month which I have my eye on. Anywho, the book is incredible. It’s one of the most well written and intriguing mystery stories I’ve ever read and is a flawless transition from screen to page AND there’s a character called Leah!
I’m about half way through at the moment and I never want it to end. Though, as I’ve borrowed it from a friend, I’m sure they want me to hurry up and finish it so they can have it back!
Once the half an hour is up, get the tray out of the oven and leave your large rectangular cakey-cookie thing with sprinkles in to cool. I cheekily got another chapter of VM in, but you could start preparing your icing.
I’ve never eaten marshmallow fluff before, let alone cooked with it, but I saw it on offer at the supermarket and thought I’d give it a go, and after a quick google, I discovered you can use it in all sorts of recipes (using it to create milkshakes without milk is next on my to do list), so marshmallow fluff icing was born.
Honestly, this is hands down the best icing I have ever tasted.
Start with beating the butter and icing sugar together as usual, when it starts to resemble your usual butter icing, drop four heaped spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff in (please resist the temptation to just eat those spoonfuls) and continue mixing. You’ll end up with a very pale looking butter cream.
Cut your, hopefully, now cooled rectangular cookie into squares and spread the icing liberally over each one before decorating with sprinkles.
I handed these out to my parents (they were sort of for my dad’s birthday) and a visiting aunt who works at a bakery and is therefore, always surrounded by cake, and they went down really well, and well, like I said, my favourite icing I have ever made!
I’ll definitely be experimenting with marshmallow fluff again in the future and I think I’ve found a new product to bring to future cake sales!



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